Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Learning about our Senses

My Disco Memory
By Arya
I heard people shouting and I heard the disco music. I saw my friends dancing with me. I felt happy because all of my friends were there dancing with me. I wondered when my mum and dad would get there to pick me up.

My Disco Memory
By Jasmeethaa
In the disco Emilia and I saw some rings, wobbly, squashy things! I bought a starfish ring! I saw lots of people dancing. I played games and felt my heart racing. I feel my ring is squashy and rubbery and soft. I heard loud music. I heard people screaming and giving presents. My favourite songs were there.

My Home Memory
By Elaine
At my home, I have a little brother and I could hear him crying. I saw he looked like a poor cat on a high chair. He likes to play with a knife but when he cries he is very noisy. I sing his favourite song to make him feel happy. I felt very safe at home. I wondered if we can eat some lovely steak.

My Disco Memory
By Joshua
Look at me. I am dancing at the disco. There are lots of people there. I heard lots of loud music and saw glowing disco stuff. I felt excited because when I got there I danced straight away. I touched and played with the disco stuff.

My Science Memory
By Reicher
On Monday, the 12th of March the whole school went to science in a van. First, they made bubble mixture. Next the man put glasses of water on the pieces of wood. The glasses of water stayed on the piece of wood. After that, bubbles went up to the roof. Next, the bubbles fell fast and they didn’t pop. Finally, we left and went back to our classes. Then we went outside and we played.

My Arrowtown Memory
By Sebastian
I saw orange, yellow and brown leaves. I heard the river. I felt cold air around rough rocks. I wondered what we would do. I wondered how much gold we would find.

My Playground Memory
By Ibrahim
I heard people whispering to each other. I heard people laughing. I saw the monkey bars were rainbow. I saw people playing on the monkey bars. I felt the slide was cold. I felt the slide was warm again. I wondered if I’m brave enough to do it this time.

My Disco Memory
By Rivka
On Friday night, I went to the disco and I saw glowing lights. They were beautiful and then I heard loud music. I got excited about seeing my friends. I wondered if my friends would want to play with me.

My Duck Pond Memory
By Red
I heard seagulls squawking. I saw ducks sleeping on the water of the pond. I saw ducks splashing and splashing loudly in the blue water. I felt the soft white feathers on the female shell duck’s head. I felt a heavy and prickly pigeon on my head. When I got the duck food the ducks were squawking. I wondered if the prickly pigeons would peck my hair off. I wondered why there were lots of ducks, sparrows, pigeons and sea-gulls.

My Birthday Memory
By Emilia
I am having a birthday. I had pasta dinner. I heard children playing. I heard pasta splashing into the bowl. I saw my little sister bouncing on her bed. I felt the cold spoon in my hand. I felt warm from the heater. I wondered what presents I would get.

My Travel Memory
By Darcy
When we jumped into the car and drove away I saw bright, green trees. I wondered when we would get home. I felt the roughness of the car. I tasted the hot air.

My Birthday Memory
By Conor
I heard people singing “happy birthday.”
I heard children bursting balloons.
I saw the huge birthday cake.
I felt my body start to dance with excitement.
I wondered if I would win this time.

My Birthday Memory
By Jude
I heard people bursting balloons.
I heard people whispering loudly.
I saw the huge birthday cake.
I felt a present as big as the T.V.
I felt the warmth of my hot chocolate.
I wondered if I would blow the candles out.

My Disco Memory
By Saranya
On Friday evening I went to the disco. I heard children screaming very loudly. I saw children dancing very pretty. I felt my heart dancing too by watching the children dance. I wondered if there would be some games so I ran like a rocket and had fun.
My Movie Memory
By Colin
I heard the movie start to turn on.
I heard people start to eat popcorn. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!
I saw the lights turn off in the darkness.
I felt my body shake slowly with excitement.
I wondered if I should go on to mum’s lap.
I wondered what would happen next.

My Weirdest Memory
By Joseph
I heard the sea roaring and the wind howling
I saw humungous, big waves and the colourful sea bed.
I felt water pushing me under and rocks scraping into me and bashing against me.
I wondered if I would drown.

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