Tuesday, 18 August 2020

We created our own cloth of exciting dreams!


Oh, no Sarah has torn her cloth of dreams!


Colour/Emotions Poems


By Ash.

Sadness feels like a scary nightmare.

It is like a rotten leaf.

It is blue.

It is scary.

It smells like sloppy sand.



By Jeremiah.

Anger is red.

It tastes like hot steaming water.

It sounds like a thunderstorm crashing.

It smells like dark, red blood.

It looks like white steam.

It makes me feel scared.



By Jaithra.

Kindness is pink.

It tastes like chocolate.

It sounds like a zoo.

It smells like a cow.

It looks like a pink heart.

It makes me feel happy.



By Bodie.

Energy is bright yellow.

Energy tastes like Fanta.

Energy is fast.

Energy is the colour of the sun.

Energy smells like a juicy lemon.

It looks like a new skateboard.

It makes me feel happy.



By Carina.

Anger is blood red.

It tastes like steaming, hot fire.

It sounds like a swirling tornado.

It smells like streaming smoke.

It looks like a raging storm.

It makes me feel, sad, mad, scared and worried.



By Baxter.

Kindness is yellow.

It tastes like a yummy berry.

It sounds like gentle rain.

It smells like a clean dog.

It looks like someone helping another someone who is hurt.

It makes me feel good.



By Link.

Sadness is blue.

Sadness tastes like dirty water.

Sadness feels lonely.

Sadness looks like dark, scary, black fog.



By Toby.

Worry is green.

It tastes like soda.

It sounds like a skeleton clunking rapidly to kill the zombies.

It smells like blood.

It looks like a graveyard.

It makes me feel worried.



By Isabel.

Worry is purple.

It tastes like a sour gummy.

It smells like bubbling soda.

It sounds like fizzing bubbles.

It looks like a purple thunder storm.

It makes me feel scared.



By Reilly.

Anger is red.

It tastes like my slimy sweat.

It smells like my wet, stinking feet.

It sounds like my cats hissing.

It makes me feel really, really…




By Moss.

Sadness is blue.

It tastes like blue berries.

It sounds like a bubble popping in my ear.

It smells like blue berries popping in my nose.

It looks like a big gum ball.

It makes me feel lonely.



By Dinuli.

Loneliness feels like a wet day.

It makes me not feel right.

It tastes like weakness.

It sounds like loud rain.



By Zoe.

Calmness is light green.

It tastes like lime.

It sounds like a wavy stream.

It makes me feel relaxed.



By Year 1.

Happiness is yellow.

It tastes like a chocolate orange cake.

It sounds like buzzing bees, a steam train and the warm wind.

It smells like sweet honey.

It looks like a shiny, red love heart.

It makes me feel like snuggling in bed with my mummy.








Sunday, 3 May 2020

Ash's Maths and Construction.

I like the way you have used coloured counters to remember your number stories about 5 Ash. You are very good at making tidy corners on your construction pieces, Ash!

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Ash's Castle Seeking Game

Ash has researched some board games by playing the games. She decided to make her own "bear hunt" game. Her game tells a story and has a set of rules. The castle has a draw bridge and a flag. There are boats with sails and masts for the bears to move in. Ash has fun playing her game with her family!